Italian companies in India have brought an improvement in India improvement because India is growing in its free market democracy at a fast rate in the world. Italy has a mature and dynamic private sector which accounts for 75 per cent of India's GDP. Experiences of multinational companies have proven that India is an attractive place for investment decision. It is expected to achieve the main growth rate among the countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China (Multinational Operations: Italy, 2004).

Benetton group shareholders’ meeting approves the 2006 financial statements and a dividend of 0. 37 euro per share. In this meeting Alessandro Benetton was appointed the Executive Vice Chairman, Alfredo Malguzzi was appointed the Director. The Net income was up by 11. 7% to 125 million euro. Turnover was 1,911 million euro had an increase by 8. 3 compared with the year before. A Dividend of 0. 37 euro gross per share had an increase of 8. 8% compared with the previous year.

The financial statements that were approved were consolidated revenues grew up to 1911 million euro with an increase of 8. 3%. Net income increased to 125 million euro compared to the 112million in the previous year 2005, an increase of 11. 7%. The company’s net financial position increased to 369million compared to 351 million in 2005. The investments doubled to reaching 188 million euro in 2006 compared with the 100 million euro of the previous year (Financial Statement of Vincenzo Zucchi, 2008).

The Shareholders’ Meeting approved distribution of a dividend of 0.37 euro gross per share (+8. 8% compared with 2005), equal to 67. 6 million euro in total. The following members were elected by the Shareholders as members of the Board for a period of three years: Luciano Benetton, Alessandro Benetton, Carlo Benetton, Gilberto Benetton, Giuliana Benetton, Luigi Arturo Bianchi (independent director), Giorgio Brunetti (independent director), Gerolamo Caccia Dominioni, Alfredo Malguzzi (independent director), Gianni Mion, Robert Singer as the independent director (Financial Statement of Vincenzo Zucchi, 2008 find here

Following the expiration of the preceding directive, the Shareholders’ Meeting also approved the proposal to lengthen the mission of the independent accounting audit to the company PricewaterhouseCoopers for the financial years 2007 to 2012 in order to meet the current legislation. The Shareholders’ approved the changes that were made to the articles of association relating to Law 262/2005 and the following Legislative Decree of December 29, 2006 (Financial Statement of Vincenzo Zucchi, 2008). Governments need to upgrade the systems in order to improve the profitability of the credit market.

Many credit markets have maintained a profile of low risk and sound balance sheet. Credit markets should have strategies that are focused and strict culture of risk management. Credit portfolio should have a high concentration of single name which is an essential profile for domestic business. In the Italian economy, a single name concentration is a context that is of poor prospects. When credit markets prosper in a country, the bank markets experience growth till the future. The credit markets of Italy have culture of strict credit risk. The provision of credit of the Italian banks is of low levels (Sanpaolo IMI, 2006).

In Italy, people are involved in buying many securities especially in the real estates (Property Italy, 2006, p. 3). Many of the Italians have direct access to all the financial markets and infrastructure. The banks in Italy also offer complete solutions to the customers of securities in order the clients can be supported in investments and the trading activities that are in Italy. The banks in Italy offer the clients the support in buying the bond, derivatives and equities. For the Italian to buy the securities, they are offered with other investment operations (BNP, 2008).

Multinational operations increase the investments rates in a country. When there is a high financial in the financial markets of a country many firms in that country tend to increase their investment rates. When multinational operate in a country, the executives of businesses have a positive attitude towards the financial markets in that country therefore increasing the investment rates in that country. In Italy, due to the impacts of the multinational operations many emerging financial markets have gained more confidence (Kearney, 1999, p.3).

Due to impacts of multinational operations in a country, many financial markets in that country tend to invest in global market (Kearney, 1999, p. 4). Other impacts that are brought about with the multinational operations are the increase in competition among the investors which therefore increase the productivity of the financial markets. With the increase in productivity countries such as Italy, there are many developments that are experienced in that particular country (Kearney, 1999, p. 5).

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